With Molly 3-Shelf Folding Camping Shelf aluminum with Storage bag ivory 18.5x12.2x39.3inch 7.3lbs


About Product
1. This is a 3-tier camping shelf set available in three colors: Ivory, Dark Gray, and Ocean.
2. It features a detachable all-in-one design, making it easy for anyone to assemble and install.
3. On the top of the product, there are four hooks made of ABS plastic, allowing you to hang items conveniently for drying or storage.
4. The bottom of the product is constructed with an aluminum frame and can accommodate three shelves in generous storage sizes, ensuring safe storage of your belongings.
5. It comes with a simple detachable cover, allowing you to conceal the items stored on the shelves.

Product Specification
Size&Weight: 47x31x100cm 3.3kg / 18.5x12.2x39.3inch 7.3lbs
Material: Aluminum, ABS, Oxford Fabric
Color: Ivory, Dark Gray, Ocean
Components: Frame, 3 Shelves, 4 Hooks, 2 Covers, Top Hanger, Storage Bag