With Molly 34P Notdam Copper Bowl Oriental Luxury Wedding cookware Set for 4 people


About Product
1. Introducing a set of traditional Korean dinnerware. This set is crafted from fine bangjja yugi, featuring a stunning golden hue and elegant curves. It includes 34 pieces, suitable for four people. 
2. Bangjja yugi refers to a type of traditional Korean brassware made from an alloy of copper and tin. It typically has a subtle golden color and develops a unique sheen over time. It has excellent heat retention and cooling properties, keeping warm dishes warm and cold dishes cold, ensuring the best taste during meals.
3. The set includes rice bowls, soup bowls, side dishes, and spoon sets for four people. Additionally, there are two large plates for serving main dishes, providing a well-rounded collection.
4. Notably, the flower-shaped plates, inspired by floral motifs, add a touch of elegance to any home gathering or family event.
5. This set is also perfect for gifts! Each piece is individually wrapped in traditional Korean paper, and the set comes in a beautiful double-sided silk wrapping cloth, adding a luxurious touch.

Product Specification
Maximum Capacity: 4 persons
Number of Components: 34 pieces
Components: 4 rice bowls, 4 rice bowl lids, 4 soup bowls, 1 flower-shaped plate, 1 buffet plate, 1 small round plate, 2 medium round plates, 1 large round plate, 4 spoons, 4 sets of chopsticks, and 4 spoon rests.