With Molly B1 Aluminum die-casting coating square grill Indoor Stovetop or Outdoor Camping BBQ 14 x 12 x 2"


About Product
Safe design from the risk of overheating - It can be used safely as the safety shield prevents heat from being conducted in the direction of the requested gas.
This grill is perfect for use at home or at the camping
It is a fire plate with excellent thermal conductivity and heat preservation rate due to the continuous casting structure. Heat is distributed evenly and evenly throughout, enabling balanced cooking.
It can be used cleanly by designing an appropriate inclination for easy oil post-processing.
Handling and grip are good with a user-friendly design design.

Product Specification
Size:34 cm wide x 38 cm long/ 13.3x14.9inch
Material: aluminum alloy casting
Made in Korea

Product Specification
size:34 cm wide x 38 cm long/ 13.3x14.9inch
Made in Korea