With Molly Boom Turmeric Orange Special Pack - Robot transforms into a fire truck 12.8(W)x6.1(D)x14.5(H)inch


About Product
1. Introducing the TOBOT BOOM RESCUE Special Edition, a transformation robot inspired by the popular TV animation TOBOT.
2. Dual Transformation Modes, TOBOT BOOM seamlessly transitions between its formidable Robot Mode and a Fire Truck Mode.
3. No batteries required. Easily and quickly transform into a fire truck and robot with a simple touch. Children can operate it effortlessly.
4. Includes TOBOT BOOM's exclusive weapons, a fire axe, and a water cannon. It also comes with two fireman figures that can be stored between the robot's legs. Designed to extinguish fires and suppress villains, it enhances children's imagination.
5. Recommended Age: Suitable for ages 36 months and above.

Product Specification
Package Size: 32.5(W)x15.5(D)x37(H)cm / 12.8(W)x6.1(D)x14.5(H)inch
Material: ABS, POM
Components: TOBOT BOOM RESCUE 1, Fire Axe 1, Large Water Cannon 2, Small Water Cannon 2, Fireman Figures 2Recommended Age: Suitable for ages 36 months and above

1. Do not put it in your mouth. It contains small parts and poses a choking hazard.
2. Be careful not to insert your fingers into the gaps or joints of the transforming parts.
3. It is a complex transforming and combining robot. If the child finds the transformation process challenging, please assist them.
4. It is made with intricate parts and joints. Do not forcefully bend or throw the individual components.