With Molly Brachio Emperor amimal Cubes transforms into a Robot Animal Cube Toy 10(W)x14.1(H)x6.1(D)inch


About Product
1. Brachio-Emperor is a transforming and combining toy robot inspired by the popular TV animation Power Rangers.
2. It can transform into Cube mode, Dinosaur mode, and Robot mode, faithfully incorporating the content of the animation.
3. The detailed design of the head part in Dinosaur mode is impressive, capturing the unique details of Animal Force while conveying the majestic presence of the final mecha.
4. In Robot mode, you can use the included toy weapon, the Sphere. Pressing the button allows the Sphere to move, adding to the excitement.
5. Brachio-Emperor can combine with the separately sold Power Ranger Cube to become the Beast JuRassic BrachioKing, forming a giant robot.

Product Specification
Package Size: 25.5(W)x36(H)x15.5(D)cm / 10(W)x14.1(H)x6.1(D)inch
Material: ABS
Components: Brachio-Emperor, Sphere, Helmet, Legs, User Manual
Recommended Age: 3 years and older

1. Do not put it in your mouth. It contains small parts and poses a choking hazard.
2. Be careful not to insert your fingers into the gaps or joints of the transforming parts.
3. Handle the transformation and assembly gently to avoid damaging the parts.
4. The recommended age for use is 3 years and older. Please follow the guidance of parents for the safety of children.