With Molly Broadwing wide Led lamp LED Stand Height Adjustable Desk Light LSP-10120 47.24" DC24V/1.2A


About Product
1. This is a large LED desk lamp that provides even and expansive lighting for your entire desk. The width is fixed at 120cm, but it offers 4-stage height adjustment, ranging from a minimum of 20cm to a maximum of 65cm, allowing users to set their desired height.
2. It offers 3 different light colors and 3-level brightness adjustment, making it adaptable to the user's work environment and condition.
3. The LED lamp head can be adjusted at an angle of 25 degrees both forward and backward, enabling users to direct the light at their preferred angle.
4. Equipped with glare prevention and light diffusion filters, it prevents multiple shadows and ensures user comfort during extended usage.
5. Designed to fit various desks, it allows for clamp thickness (Max 8.8cm) and depth (Max 10cm) adjustments.

Product Specification
Components: 2 Fixed Columns (both sides), LED Lamp Head, 2 Clamps, Power Adapter, Manual
BoxSize: 3kg 120(W) x 85.5(H) cm/ 6.6lb 47.24" x 33.7"
Color Temperature: Warm 3000K / Bright 4500K / Cool 6500K
Materials: Aluminum/ABS/Steel
Rated Voltage: DC24V/1.2A
Power Consumption: Max 15.3W