With Molly Camping Emotional Stove Ethanol Burning Stove both indoor and outdoor use 13.7(W)x4.7(D)x11(H)inch


About Product
1. This is an emotional lamp powered by ethanol, creating a unique ambiance when ignited, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
2. The burner is an integral part of the lamp, not a welded component. It allows for extended usage without ethanol leakage, minimizing the risk of potential fire hazards.
3. Assembling is quick and easy by securing the bracket beneath the burner and reinforced glass with the included screws.
4. The combination of reinforced glass and the distinctive atmosphere created by the flame inside provides a unique interior design sensation.
5. Filling the burner with ethanol up to the MAX line allows for approximately 3 hours of continuous use.

Product Specification
Size: 35(W)x12(D)x28(H)cm / 13.7(W)x4.7(D)x11(H)inch
Load capacity : 0.8L (3 hours available)