With Molly Camping Water Jug, Camping Water Container,3.17 Gallon Water Storage with Easy-to-use membrane switch khaki


About Product
1. Enjoy the same convenient water supply system outdoors as you do at home! Introducing the portable outdoor water pump! It's not only perfect for camping but also great for gardening and more!
2. It combines a 14-liter (3.7-gallon) water tank with an automatic water pump. The spout can be switched between a regular spout and a showerhead depending on your needs. It can discharge approximately 9 liters of water per minute.
3. The intuitive design of the pump controller makes it very efficient. You can control the water flow with an ON/OFF switch, and its robust design prevents malfunction due to rain or dust, making it easy to use!
4. It operates on four AA batteries, which can discharge a total of 600 liters of water. Using AA batteries can be more advantageous for outdoor activities compared to rechargeable batteries. You won't face problems with charging while outdoors; just bring some spare batteries!
5. Both the spout and showerhead can use extension tubes, and there’s a clip holder to keep the outlet securely in place, making storage convenient.

Product Specification
Components: Water tank, Water tank cap, Spout, Two showerheads, Water supply hose, Hose clamp, Four AA batteries
Material: PP, PE, ABS
Power: DC 3V (Four AA batteries)
Operating temperature: 5~40℃ (41~104℉)
Weight: 392g (0.9lbs)
Size: Refer to the attached image for details