With Molly Crobel Union energy saveing 5- Ply Ceramic Stainless Steel Pot set 5P with Lid cream


About Product
1. Introducing a special 5-piece pot set that can be safely and efficiently used on various heat sources, including gas stoves, induction cooktops, and hot plates, using the friction bonding method.
2. The friction bonding method involves heating the disc to 200 degrees Celsius and using a 1600-ton friction press to seamlessly integrate the base and body. The densely compacted base ensures even heat distribution, allowing for uniform cooking and excellent heat retention for delicate simmering.
3. The set includes a total of 5 pots for easier cooking: Saucepan 16cm/6.3in, Sautepot 20cm/7.9in, Saucepot 20cm/7.9in, Saucepot 24cm/9.5in, Partywok 24cm/9.5in.
4. The robust rivet fastening and the ergonomic stainless steel handles not only enhance the design but also ensure safety. The curved rim at the top edge of the body allows for easy pouring and clean food transfer.
5. The set comes with a stainless steel colander for versatile use. It can be used with the 24cm/9.5in Partywok or 24cm/9.5in Saucepot for tasks such as boiling pasta, straining broth, and frying with ease.

Product Specification
Material: (Body) Aluminum + Ceramic Coating + Stainless Steel 304, (Bottom) Stainless Steel 430 + Aluminum, (Handle) Stainless Steel, (Lid) Stainless Steel
Components: Saucepan 16cm/6.3in, Sautepot 20cm/7.9in, Saucepot 20cm/7.9in, Saucepot 24cm/9.5in, Partywok 24cm/9.5in
Compatible Heat Sources: Gas, Hot Plate, Highlight, Induction

1. Prior to use, please ensure to wash all pans thoroughly to remove any stainless steel abrasive residue that may be present.
2. When using coated pans, avoid cooking without any oil, as it may damage the coating.
3. Prolonged heating of an empty coated pan may also result in damage to the coating.
4. The pans remain very hot for an extended period after cooking. Please exercise caution to prevent burns.