With Molly CW Butter IH Ceramic Cookware 4P SET Cream


About Product
1. Introducing a set of 4 cookware items with a stylish design featuring real wood handles and knobs, perfect for placing directly on your dining table.
2. Safe ceramic coating without harmful substances! Food won't stick, ensuring a worry-free cooking experience.
3. High thermal conductivity and efficiency with a 3-layer construction! Your food will be cooked more deliciously!
4. A practical set suitable for various cooking needs, including Wok, Stock pot, Frypan and Low pot.
5. Suitable for use on gas stoves, induction cooktops, and other heat sources.

Product Specification
Components: Wok 28cm / Stock pot 24cm / Frypan 28cm / Low pot 22cm
Material: Aluminum, Ceramic Coating, Glass, Wood

Wok: 47x28.5x8 cm / 18.5x11.2x3.1 inches
Stock pot: 34x25.5x15 cm / 13.4x10x5.9 inches
Frypan: 47x28.5x4.5 cm / 18.5x11.2x1.8 inches
Low pot: 32x23x11 cm / 12.6x9.1x4.3 inches