With Molly Dinoster Deluxe Raptortron 3-stage transformation car dinosaur robot transformation 9.8(W) x5.3(H) x12(D) inch


About Product
1. Introducing DELUXE RAPTOR TRON, a transformation robot inspired by the popular TV animation Dino Star Guardians.
2. DELUXE RAPTOR TRON is a multi-transformation robot capable of transforming into three modes: car mode, dinosaur mode, and robot mode.
3. The upper and lower bodies are combined to form a single robot, with the upper and lower parts capable of transforming into car and dinosaur modes, respectively.
4. The realistic dinosaur mode design, faithfully inspired by the animation, will provide even more fun for children.
5. Recommended Age: Suitable for ages 36 months and above.

Product Specification
Package Size: 38.5(W)x43(H)x14(D)cm / 15.2(W)x17(H)x5.5(D)inch
Material: ABS
Recommended Age: Suitable for ages 36 months and above

1. Do not put it in your mouth. It contains small parts and poses a choking hazard.
2. Be careful not to insert your fingers into the gaps or joints of the transforming parts.
3. It is a complex transforming and combining robot. If the child finds the transformation process challenging, please assist them.
4. Please exercise caution when using the product as it may contain sharp edges or points.