With Molly Exclipse 5 Ply Stainless Bakelite PTFE Resin Coating Non Stick Frying Pan set 3P


About Product
1. A set of 3 pans in the most commonly used sizes in the kitchen: 22cm/8.6in frying pan, 28cm/11in frying pan, and 28cm/11in wok pan!
2. The standout feature of this product is its stainless 5-layered bottom casting. With excellent coating strength, it enhances durability, and effective heat conductivity and preservation reduce cooking time.
3. It also uses PFOA non-detectable eco-friendly coating. PFOA is a perfluorooctanoic acid used as a coating agent for cooking utensils, but at high temperatures, it can be harmful to the human body. This excellent 3-piece pan set uses an eco-friendly coating instead of PFOA, making it safe for humans and providing more than 10 times the coating strength compared to regular coatings for long-lasting use.
4. The honeycomb structure surface maximizes heat efficiency. It enhances heat transfer and grilling functions, creating an outstanding non-stick effect. The honeycomb structure surface also forms an oil load, allowing for healthy cooking with less oil.
5. Suitable for all heat sources, including gas stoves, induction, highlight, hot plates, and dishwasher safe, excluding oven and microwave.

Product Specification
Material: (Body) Stainless Steel, (Handle) Bakelite, (Coating) PTFE Resin Coating
Components: 22cm/8.6in frying pan, 28cm/11in frying pan, and 28cm/8.6in wok pan

Size & Weight information
(Top Diameter) 22cm/8.6in, (Bottom Diameter) 15.5cm/6.1in, (Height) 4.4cm/1.7in, (Weight) 868g/1.9 lbs
(Top Diameter) 28cm/11in, (Bottom Diameter) 22cm/8.6in, (Height) 4.8cm/1.9in, (Weight) 868g/2.8 lbs
(Top Diameter) 28cm/11in, (Bottom Diameter) 20.4cm/8in, (Height) 8.4cm/3.3in, (Weight) 1,407g/3.1lbs

1. Prior to use, please ensure to wash all pans thoroughly to remove any stainless steel abrasive residue that may be present.
2. When using coated pans, avoid cooking without any oil, as it may damage the coating.
3. Prolonged heating of an empty coated pan may also result in damage to the coating.
4. The pans remain very hot for an extended period after cooking. Please exercise caution to prevent burns.