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About Product
Those who wear glasses but their eyesight is gradually decreasing, those who use smartphones frequently or for long periods of time, those who work on computers, books, and watch TV a lot.

It is recommended for students who can't read blackboard well, those who suffer from discomfort due to presbyopia, and those who have a lot of difference in their visual activity.

  • Easy to operate - All workouts with one button, Can be used by everyone, Pure natural eye movement
  • Massage & Eye Exercise, Exam Training, Focus Training (Binocular Fusion), Interlocking Training, Stimulation Training, Professionalism
  • Relax the eyes and do all the eye exercise at once

How to use

  1. Hang the sight exercise device necklace around your neck, adjust the band appropriately, and turn on the switch with both hands.
  2. When the vibration activates and the massage around the eyes starts, gently close your eyes to relieve fatigue and wait in a comfortable position. (1 minute)
  3. When the vibration is finished, the shutter opens, and light-dark reflection, perspective, and focus training start periodically.
  4. When the shutter is opened, gaze at a distant place, and as the shutter closes, it moves according to the B-direction eye movement program according to the light.
  5. Contrast training, perspective training, and focus training are performed in 4 cycles.
  6. After starting the clean-up exercise, massage around the eyes for 1 minute, then stop to complete one exercise.

Number of uses
When using it once, use it 2-3 times in a row and do not use it more than 4 times in a row at a time.
Product Specification

  • Size and Weight : 18 x 16 x 5.7 cm / 7.1 x 6.3 x 2.2 in, 370 g / 0.8 lb 
  • Material : ABS, silicon