With Molly Healthy Cook wood framing Induction 2-stage cypress steamer full set 12(W)x13(D)x9.9(H)inch

About Product
1. Enhance the healthy flavor of your food with the aroma of Japanese Hinoki Cypress! Introducing a two-tiered pine wood steamer.
2. In the case of a 2-tier hinoki steamer, there is a stainless steel steaming tray between the layers. When steaming, you can either separate each tier with the stainless steel tray for individual steaming or remove the stainless steel tray for larger volume cooking, using the entire 2-tier steamer as a whole.
3. Crafted using 100% solid wood with a non-adhesive construction, preventing warping due to wood contraction and expansion. This design ensures outstanding durability.
4. The accompanying water pot is made of stainless steel coated Tefron, and can be utilized not only for steaming but also as a standalone pot for cooking.
5. Components: wood steamers 2, stainless steel tray, water pot.

Product Specification
Size: 31(W)x33(D)x25(H)cm / 12(W)x13(D)x9.9(H)inch
Material: Japanese Hinoki Cypress, Stainless Steel
Components: wood steamers 2, stainless steel tray, water pot.

1. When washing the hinoki steamer for the first time, rinse it thoroughly to ensure that water is adequately absorbed.
2. Due to the nature of wood, using hot water may cause the wood gaps to expand. Please wash with cold water.
3. After cooking, promptly wash the steamer to remove food residue, and dry it in a cool, shaded area with good ventilation.