With Molly IH Pastel Color Ceramic Coating Square Grill Roasting Pan With Ceramic Handle Pink 15x13x1.2inch


About Product
1. It's a ceramic-coated grill pan with vibrant pastel tones that stand out! It enhances the taste of your food, makes cooking enjoyable, and beautifies your table!
2. Both the interior and exterior are coated with ceramic! The excellent non-stick ceramic coating prevents food from sticking and gives easy clean and store!
3. It can be used on various heat sources including induction, halogen, microwaves and gas stoves!
4. Designed with an oil outlet, it naturally discharges the oil generated during cooking!
5. The seamless design ensures no crevices, making cleaning easy and ensuring hygienic maintenance as food particles won't get trapped!T

Product Specification
Color : Ivory, Mint, Pink
Size : (outer) 38x32x3.2cm / 15x13x1.2inch
Weight : 1.2kg / 2.6lb
Material: Aluminum Die Casting
Component: pan, silicone handle 1set