With Molly Induction stainless Korean Ttukbaegi with Lid Hot Pot for Rice, Egg custard Soup 4.7(diameter)x2.7(h)inch


About Product
1. Introducing the Stainless Steel Triple-layer Ttukbaegi.
2. Made with a total of three layers: Stainless Steel 304, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel 439, providing excellent heat efficiency. Not only the bottom, but also the sides are constructed with a triple-layer structure, ensuring superior heat conduction and retention, preserving the flavor and aroma of the food.
3. Constructed with durable Stainless Steel 304 material, resistant to corrosion and rusting, allowing for hygienic and long-lasting use.
4. Suitable for use on various heat sources, including gas stoves, induction cooktops, halogen cookers, and ovens, excluding microwave.
5. Equipped with capacity markings inside, allowing for convenient and precise cooking without the need for separate measuring tools.

Product Specification
Size: 12(diameter)x6.8(h)cm / 4.7(diameter)x2.7(h)inch
Weight: 600g / 1.3lbs
Material: 3PLY Stainless Steel (STS 304+AL+STS 439)
Components: Pot, Lid

1. Do not use in microwave.
2. Be sure to wash thoroughly before use to remove any polishing agent residue.
3. When cooking, direct heat may cause the handle to become hot. Please use kitchen gloves to handle it.