With Molly Kovea Winni cube Gas Stove wood with storage emotional camping - Stove + Wood Accessories + Compact Plastic Inbox Set Cream


About Product
It is a stove set where you can enjoy more wonderful camping with an emotional design. Stove + Wood Accessories + Storage Bag Set
A wood cover that can be attached to the KOVEA Cube burner. A wood accessory that decorates a plain burner with your own item.
Anyone can make it easily. It's made of wood. If you use stickers, you can create a different atmosphere.
You can buy adhesive silicone separately.
Due to the nature of wood, deformation due to humidity, direct sunlight, and heat may occur, so use it carefully.

Product Specification
Size: 238 × 224 × 112 mm (CASE) / 9.3 x 8.8 x 4.4 inch
Weight: 753 g , 33(pound)
Gas: butane gas (220 g)
Gas consumption: 130 g/h
Ignition type: piezoelectric automatic ignition