With Molly Let's Draw Tableware Set little Ryan for 2people 11pcs


About Product
It is a cream-white dishware that captures the original color of the food.
With a simple white/deep brown design, it has an interior design
You can store all the dishes neatly by stacking them up.
An additional plate (large) 1P can create a richer table.

Product Specification
Components: bowl 2p, large bowl 2p, plate large + plate medium 2p, side dish bowl 2p, cutlery support 2p
Size: [bowl] 10×6 (CM), [large bowl] 12.4×7 (CM), [plate-medium] 14.8×2 (CM), [plate-large] 32.5×16.5×2, [side dish] 8×5 (CM), [cutlery support] 7×4×1 (CM)

Maximum number of users: for 2 people
Material: Ceramics
Number of components: 11
Quantity: 1 set
Configuration: Mixed Set