With Molly Mash sliding storage box 2 Tier Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer as kitchen/bathroom/office white 7.4x13.7x12.7inch


About Product
Simple design and open structure make it easy to manage and easy to use
Utilization of Clearance Space and Efficient Space Easy sliding type, Safety by rounding corners
Mesh-type design with excellent ventilation and hygienic
Rust-resistant durability size: 19x35x32.5cm/7.4x13.7x12.7inch
Material: Steel

Product Specification
size: 19x35x32.5cm/7.4x13.7x12.7inch
Storage Organizing Space Location: Sink Top Sheet
Sliding status: Sliding
Prefabricated: Non-fabricated
Shelf type: Stand type
Shelf Application: For Kitchen
Material: Steel