With Molly Mini Force Season 6 Fire Cop Robot mode face mode 11(W) x 5.5(D) x 14.2(H) inch


About Product
1. Introducing Mega Fire Cop, inspired by the popular TV animation Mini Force Season 6.
2. Mega Fire Cop is a robot that can transform into both a humanoid robot and a head cop.
3. The difference between the existing Fire Cop and the Mega Fire Cop is that the head cop has been upscaled, and pressing the head cop's button activates action sounds and lights. By being more faithful to the animation content, it will bring great fun to children.
4. The Mega Badge, provided as an additional accessory, can be worn by children as an actual badge and can also be attached to the Mega Patrol Cop's arm to be used as a shield.
5. The Fire Axe is provided as a toy weapon. It boasts a design that is faithful to the animation, enhancing its quality.

Product Specification
Components: Mega Fire Cop, Fire Axe, Mega Badge, Display Stand, Manual, Batteries (LR44)
Material: ABS, PC, POM 
Recommended Age: 36 months and older  
Packing Size: 28(W) x 14(D) x 36(H) cm / 11(W) x 5.5(D) x 14.2(H) inch

1. Do not put it in your mouth. It contains small parts and poses a choking hazard.
2. Be careful not to insert your fingers into the gaps or joints of the transforming parts.
3. It is a complex transforming and combining robot. If the child finds the transformation process challenging, please assist them.
4. There is a battery compartment on the chest part of the robot. Please pay attention to the battery insertion direction when replacing them.