With Molly Mita Camping Water Cooler Jug Dispenser for Kids Home Cafe 3.4L, Green 7.3in x 7.3 in x 13.4 in


About Product
1. Introducing an adorable and beautifully designed insulated jug! Despite its small size, it offers excellent insulation and durability, making it perfect for indoor use as well as for camping, picnics, and fishing.
2. Featuring a sleek and refined design, streamlined structure, and a built-in tripod that doesn't require a separate stand! It combines both design and convenience.
3. Equipped with a triple-layer foam structure, it can maintain its insulation for up to 36 hours or more.
4. The lid is equipped with silicone sealing and insulated foam to prevent spillage and block heat transfer through the lid.
5. It can store not only water but also tea, coffee, and even beer!

Product Specification
Size: Diameter 18.5 cm x Height 34 cm / Diameter 7.3 in x Height 13.4 in  
Weight: 900 g / 2 lbs  
Material: PP, TPU  
Capacity: 3.4L / 0.9 gallons  
Color: Green