With Molly Modori index TPU cutting board set with Stand Black edition 10.2x16x4inch


About Product
1. Introducing the Limited Edition Black Cutting Board Set to add a modern touch to your kitchen interior.
2. The set includes a total of 4 boards, featuring 3 TPU boards and 1 stainless steel board, along with a stand for convenient storage.
3. The Black Limited Edition comes with a specially included stainless steel board. Even after handling ingredients, residual substances won't seep into the gaps of the board, allowing for easy cleaning with a simple rinse. Recommended for handling meat, fish, and more.
4. The TPU boards come in three separate colors, allowing for hygienic use by distinguishing ingredients. The unique elasticity of TPU makes it ideal for handling vegetables and fruits.
5. The four boards can be stored side by side on a single stand, providing easy storage and convenient drying.

Product Specification
Size: (Board) 24x38.5cm, 9.5x15inch / (Stand) 26x41x10cm, 10.2x16x4inch
Weight: (Stainless Steel Board) 550g, 1.2lb / (TPU Board) 328g, 0.7lb / (Package Weight) 3.1kg, 6.8lb
Material: TPU, Stainless Steel, Steel
Components: 3 TPU Boards, 1 Stainless Steel Board, 1 Stand

1. When using the stainless steel cutting board for the first time, please remove any remaining abrasive material on the surface.
2. While the edges of the stainless steel cutting board have been processed to be as blunt as possible, please be careful during use or washing to avoid injury.
3. When cleaning the cutting board, use a soft scrubber or sponge.
4. Do not apply direct heat to the cutting board or place it near an open flame.
5. The black-colored stand may show dust, fingerprints, or scratches more prominently than a light-colored stand.