With Molly Modori Magnetic cookware set(5p) + cutting board set(5p)


About Product
1. A cookware set that is hygienic, convenient, and, above all, can beautify your kitchen. It includes a set of four cutting boards in four colors and a magnet kitchen tools set!
2. The cutting boards come in four different colors, allowing you to separate them based on your needs, whether for meat, fish, vegetables, and more. They are made of sturdy and highly resilient TPU material, which is less prone to knife marks compared to regular cutting boards, making them more hygienic.
3. The included cutting board holder helps you store the cutting boards in a hygienic and convenient way, and it adds a touch of beauty to your kitchen!
4. The kitchen tools, made from high-quality silicone, consist of four essential tools commonly used in the kitchen.
5. With built-in magnets in the handles, these kitchen tools easily attach to the magnetic mounting stand, providing both convenience and hygiene in storing and accessing your kitchen tools.

Product Specification
Components: 4 cutting boards, 1 cutting board holder, 4 kitchen tools, 1 kitchen tools holder
Material: (Cutting boards) TPU, (Kitchen tools) Silicone, Neodymium magnets, (Holder) Steel
Size: (Cutting boards) 24x38.5cm / 9.5x15in, (Cutting board holder) 26x41x10cm / 10x16x4in, (Kitchen tools) Individual length 31cm / 12.2in

1. Please do not heat the product directly in the oven, microwave, or on a gas stove.
2. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures may reduce the magnet's magnetic strength. Disinfection in boiling water should be done within 2 minutes, and the use of a dishwasher is not recommended.
3. Attach the kitchen tools holder to a smooth, clean surface free of foreign substances. Double-sided tape for attachment is included.