With Molly multi -folding frying pan + steamer set( Frying pan, lid, steam plate, storage mesh pouch) 8.7x8.7x2.4 inches


About Product
1. Introducing an exceptionally practical camping frying pan! It features a wide 22cm (6.7 inches) diameter, making it perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. The set includes a lid and a steam plate, enhancing your outdoor cooking experience and making your meals more enjoyable.
2. Utilizing the anchor effect, our Pure-Stin coating technology mechanically bonds the coating to the pan. This makes it highly resistant to scratches and provides superior durability and heat resistance. Additionally, its excellent non-stick capability ensures that food doesn’t stick, making both cooking and cleaning a breeze.
3. For maximum storage efficiency, we’ve incorporated a foldable handle. Simply fold the handle and store the frying pan in the included storage pouch. This makes it easy to carry and store. The handle also features an anti-slip PVC coating, ensuring safe use.
4. The 2.2cm (0.9 inches) deep steam plate allows for simple reheating or steaming of food even when you're outdoors. Combine it with the included lid to create the perfect environment for steam cooking.
5. The mesh storage pouch is spacious enough to comfortably fit the pan and more. Designed for convenience, it’s made of mesh material to facilitate quick drying and easy visibility of its contents, ensuring hassle-free usage.

Product Specification
Components: Frying pan, lid, steam plate, storage mesh pouch
Material: Aluminum (with fluororesin coating), stainless steel
Size: (when fully stored) 22x22x6 cm / 8.7x8.7x2.4 inches
Weight: (when fully stored) 528 g / 1.2 lbs

1. There is no need for the commonly known abrasive removal process. After purchasing, simply perform an initial wash with a neutral detergent and a sponge.
2. Store the item when it is free of food residues. If stored with salty residues, it can easily corrode, so make sure to clean it thoroughly before storing.
3. Use a soft sponge for cleaning. Using a metal scrubber may cause the coating to peel off.
4. To prevent scratches, place a piece of plastic or paper between items when storing them stacked.