With Molly multipurpose foldable aluminum foam mat Light and space-saving 14-layer mat 2P Storage size 21.7" x 5.1"x 5.9" yellow


About Product
1. A foldable foam mat suitable for backpacking, camping, and outdoor activities.
2. Its high-density closed-cell foam structure provides excellent moisture and thermal insulation, effectively blocking moisture and cold from the ground.
3. Made of IXPE, a high-density foam polymer material that is lightweight, soft, and highly durable. It also quickly regains its original shape, making it easy to restore the mat after being compressed by body weight.
4. It comes in a compact size and weight (186x55x1.8cm 500g / 73x21x0.7inch 1lb), making it convenient for carrying and storage.
5. Includes a pouch and straps for efficient storage.

Product Specification
Size & Weight: 186x55x1.8cm 500g / 73x21x0.7inch 1lb
Material: IXPE(Interconnected Cross-linked Polyethylene), aluminum
Color: Green, Yellow
Components: foam mat, carrying pouch, strap