With Molly Nemo Platform Truck Cart with folding box cart, Premium Shopping Foldable Cart white 17.3(W)x13.7(D)x18.5~38.1(H)inch


About Product
1. Introducing the folding box cart, a convenient solution for transporting your belongings. This box-style cart is designed for easy folding, allowing you to compactly store it when not in use.
2. The folding box comes with a lid, providing privacy for your contents during transportation. The lid is integrated with the box, eliminating the risk of loss and ensuring easy storage.
3. The cart's large and wide wheels contribute to reduced noise during movement. Additionally, it features a foot brake, preventing slipping when carrying heavy loads and making brief stops.
4. The handle of the cart is located at the bottom of the box, allowing for easy and ergonomic handling of your belongings. The handle is adjustable in three lengths, ensuring convenience for users of all heights.
5. With a generous internal capacity of 50 liters, this cart is ideal for various purposes, such as grocery shopping, camping, picnics, or trips to the laundromat. It's a sturdy and reliable cart for transporting a significant amount of items with ease. Highly recommended!

Product Specification
Size: 44(W)x35(D)x47~97(H)cm / 17.3(W)x13.7(D)x18.5~38.1(H)inch
Weight: 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs
Internal Capacity: 50L
Material: (Main Body) PP, (Handle) Steel, (Wheels) TPR+PU
Components: 1 Cart, 1 Fastening Strap
Color option: Natural Cream, Sage GreenPlatform Trucks