With Molly OFS128 Portable camping sink Camp With car outdoor storage iovry 20.6x14.7x12.6inch


About Product
It is a portable and collapsible sink suitable for outdoor activities, including camping.
Use it conveniently in desired locations such as campsites, homes, and even in your car for handwashing, face cleansing, and washing cooking ingredients.
It includes an 8L clean water container and a 10L used water container.
The main body serves as a folding box, making it easy to carry and store.
The water pump, which provides water automatically, is also foldable. It is rechargeable and suitable for outdoor use. It features waterproof buttons and an LCD indicator to monitor water flow and battery level.

Product Specification
Components: folding box, oak wood tray, washing bowl, water pump, clean water container(8L), used water container(10L)
Size : (folding box)52.5x37.5x32cm / 20.6x14.7x12.6inch
Material: (folding box) PE, (tray) oak wood