With Molly Outdoor jar stainless steel smoker grill with barbecue skewer holders large-capacity (Diameter)15.8x(H)23.6cinch


About Product
1. Great news for fans of smoked food! Introducing a stainless steel smoker grill that's perfect for outdoor use like camping and picnics, but also suitable for home without worrying about excessive smoke.
2. This large-capacity smoker can accommodate up to four whole chickens at once, allowing you to cook a large amount of food in a single go! It's ideal for home parties with friends and family.
3. It comes with built-in barbecue skewer holders. You can prepare a variety of skewers with meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, or fruit to suit your taste! Simply hang the skewers and let the smoker do the work for you—resulting in perfectly cooked, crispy-on-the-outside and tender-on-the-inside barbecue. Ten S-shaped hooks for hanging skewers are included.
4. The smoker uses a 360-degree stainless steel drum to circulate heat, providing indirect cooking. It uses charcoal as fuel, adding a subtle aroma to your food throughout the cooking process. It also includes a water pan to help control moisture levels in your food.
5. The smoker can be used in a 2-tier setup for large-capacity smoking or with just the bottom tier for smaller batches and quicker cooking times. When using only the bottom tier, you can place a mesh grate on top for direct grilling as well.

Product Specification
Size: (Diameter)40x(H)60cm / (Diameter)15.8x(H)23.6cinch
Material: Stainless Steel
Components: Components: Outer Drum, Outer Drum Lid, Inner Drum, Charcoal Tray, Grease Tray, Ash Tray, 10 S-shaped Hooks