With Molly Paceco CAMP-28 Kerosene Oil Heater Glass Burner Winter Outdoor Camping + +Stove Bag Set ivory 7 liters


About Product
1. A camping stove made from a special material, Mica, that can withstand temperatures of up to 800°C/1472°F.
2. Enjoying the flames of a camping stove is a delightful experience. The stove features a wide-view window (187x41mm/7.3x1.6in) designed to provide a larger and broader view of the stove for enhanced enjoyment.
3. An added Burn Holder bracket prevents the stove from shaking or experiencing incomplete combustion due to movement or impact.
4. The Wind Breaker is designed to minimize the impact of incomplete combustion and the components inside the stove by blocking external air from entering the combustion chamber during operation.
5. Featuring adjustable lift, this camping stove is foldable for easy storage and transport! (50cm/20in when folded, 62cm/24.5in when raised)

Product Specification
Size: Ø44.5x62.2cm / Ø17.5x24.5in
Weight: 11.5kg / 25.3lb
Maximum Heating Output: 6.66 kW
Fuel Type: Indoor Kerosene
Tank Capacity: 7 liters
Fuel Consumption: 0.65 liters per hour
Duration: Approximately 10 hours