With Molly SDC Handmade Mini portable outdoor sink Stainless Steel 12.6(W)x7(D)x14.4(H)inch


About Product
1. It's a portable sink suitable for camping and outdoor activities, featuring handles on both sides for easy mobility.
2. Inside, there is a large water tank, where two vinyl bags called "ZERO PACK" are placed to store clean and used water separately.
3. Includes a folding faucet that can be adjusted using a folding lever to control water flow.
4. The countertop is made of stainless steel, preventing rust, and a transparent cover is applied to prevent dirtiness.
5. It features handles on both sides for easy portability, and on the front of the product, there is an LED mood light with a Z logo, which can enhance the camping atmosphere.

Product Specification
Size: 32(W)x18(D)x36.5(H)cm / 12.6(W)x7(D)x14.4(H)inch
Material: Stainless Steel
Components: Main body, water container, faucet, zero tap, zero pack, toothbrush set, user manual.