With Molly SHINBI Apartment Season 5 Ghost Ball Zero Golden Dragon Exorcism Sword Toy for Kids


About Product
1. This is a children's toy sword called "Golden Dragon Exorcism Sword" inspired by the popular animation "The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball."
2. Turning the central dial activates four different talisman modes: Water, Fire, Wood, and Exorcism. Each mode is associated with a unique color, and the LED lights change accordingly.
3. In the default mode, pressing a button causes the sword to transform into a shape with extended wings when the user activates the wings. Additionally, rotating the sword handle elongates the blade, transforming it into a battle mode
4. In battle mode, the toy sword can detect the user's movements and automatically produce sound effects. It comes with a total of 45 built-in sound effects.
5. Recommended age for use: 5 years and above.

Product Specification
Components: Golden Dragon Exorcism Sword 1pcs, manual
Recommended age for use: 5 years and above
Material: ABS, PVC, POM
This product requires AAA batteries for operation

1. Never swing it towards people as it can be dangerous.
2. Do not throw the product towards people or objects.
3. Avoid using it near fire as there is a risk of fire and product damage.
4. Excessive force while turning the handle may result in product damage.
5. If the sound or LED is not working properly, replace the internal batteries.