With Molly Shuspell Air Therapy Galvanic Device Set Home Care System + Selvia Ampoule 20ea


About Product
1. The 'SHUSPELL AIR THERAPY' beauty care device, which penetrates deep into the skin with powerful micro-mist force, comes in a set with 'Cellvia Mythology Creation' Ampoule 20pcs.
2. SHUSPELL AIR THERAPY is a beauty device that minimizes the particles of the injected ampoule, allowing for fine spraying and enhancing the skin's absorption capabilities.
3. Additionally, SHUSPELL AIR THERAPY enables galvanic ion care through iontophoresis functionality, and it provides a total skin solution, including two types of LED therapy and vibration massage for skin absorption.
4. Cellvia Mythology Creation Ampoule is designed as a functional cosmetic for skin whitening and wrinkle improvement, supplying rich moisture and nutrition to the skin.
5. It contains highly functional bio-material, human adipose stem cell conditioned media extract, which helps improve aging and damaged skin and activates skin cells. Based on proprietary technology, it implements nano particles suitable for absorption into the skin, providing a refreshing, non-sticky type that is perfect for use with SHUSPELL AIR THERAPY.

Product Specification
Size&Weight: 40x47x180mm 250g / 1.5x1.8x7in 0.55lbs
Container Capacity: 10ml
Power: DC 5V/2A
Battery: Li-ion 500mAh
Operation time: (Spray) 40mins (Light Therapy, Galvanic & Massage) 60mins
Charging time: 60mins
Material: PC, ABS, Stainless steel

How to use
1. Fill the beauty device(SHUSPELL AIR THERAPHY) with an ampoule(6ml).
2. Starting from the cheeks and forehead, spray evenly from the center of the face outward.
3. Spray once more on the area of ​​concern.
*Use regularly in the morning and evening.

1. The device will not operate without moisture during galvanic use. Please apply it in advance to the skin to be cared for with ampoules or boosters.
2. Please close the device's cover, distinguishing between the front and back, and store it upright to prevent ampoule backflow.
3. During galvanic use, if the device's cover is open, ampoule may leak through the air hole. Please close the cover before use.