With Molly stenlock stainless steel container 6P -Round 4P (4.5x3in 0.27lbs) + Square 2P (7x5x3.2in 0.5lbs)


About Product
1. By minimizing contact with food and oxygen, you can store food even longer and keep it fresher.
2. The powerful silicone packing prevents food odors from escaping outside the container, blocking refrigerator odors!
3. Moreover, there are no worries about food leakage even during transportation, making it suitable for outdoor activities such as lunch and picnics.
4. Structural design applied to the container lid ensures stability when stacked, preventing it from shaking or tipping over.
5. Components: Circular type 2pcs, Rectangle type 1pcs

Product Specification
Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone, PP
Size&Weight: (Circular) dia 11.5x7.6cm 126g / dia 4.5x3in 0.27lbs, (Rectangle) 18x12.5x8.2cm 236g / 7x5x3.2in 0.5lbs
Components: Circular type 2pcs, Rectangle type 1pcs