With Molly Time management smart timer concentration timer study timer easy setting 1.7x1.7x1.8inch


About Product
1. Having trouble focusing on tasks such as work or studying? Here's a small special item to enhance your productivity – the Focus Timer!
2. It's a timer designed to align with the awakening cycles of your brain. It comes with preset intervals of 5 minutes, 25 minutes, 40 minutes, and 90 minutes. Setting these times can help you concentrate solely on your work or studies. The brain's optimal focus cycle is said to be 90 minutes. If 90 minutes of concentration is challenging, you can start with 25 minutes and gradually increase your focus time from there. Let us assist you with 90 minutes of focus and 25 minutes of rest!
3. Operates silently to avoid disrupting your concentration! Features an LED digital display for quick timer checks, and its simple design won't interfere with your concentration time.
4. It has a cubic shape with a gravity mode applied to each face. This allows for easy timer setting. For instance, placing the face labeled "40" upward will automatically set the timer to 40 minutes. The same applies to 25 minutes and 90 minutes.
5. Besides the preset timers, manual settings are also possible if you need a different timer. Additionally, it can be used as a stopwatch through simple menu mode operations! Save on unnecessary battery replacements – it's a USB rechargeable timer!

Product Specification
Size: 4.4x4.4x4.6cm / 1.7x1.7x1.8inch
Weight: 47.5g / 0.1bs
Volume: Mute (Vibration), 3 Levels of Volume (90~100dB)
Components: Timer, USB Type-C Cable, User Manual

1. Automatically switches to standby mode after 5 minutes without operation.
2. When the battery level is below 10%, the screen blinks as a charging warning. While charging, a red light is displayed, and when fully charged, a green light comes on.