With Molly Transparent reading table height and angle adjustabl bookstand 13.4(W)x9.3(D)inch


About Product
1. Introducing a versatile reading stand that can be adjusted to various angles.
2. With a width of 34cm/13.4inches, it accommodates not only books but also notebooks and tablet PCs.
3. It can be fixed at 1st and 2nd heights, providing sturdy support for comfortable writing or note-taking, especially when set at the 1st height.
4. Flexible securing pins prevent pages from getting wrinkled. These pins are designed to be concealed within the frame, offering convenience without protruding externally.
5. The clean design features a white frame with transparent support, blending seamlessly into any space.

Product Specification
Size: (Stand) 34.2(W)x23.7(D)cm /  13.4(W)x9.3(D)inch
Material: ABS, Steel
Components: Stand, Hex wrench