With Molly WDY Handmade camping sink washbasin sink bowl box with side table black


About Product
1. Introducing the all-in-one custom kitchen table for campers! It includes a sink, an auxiliary table, and an adjustable-height round table!
2. This innovative product allows you to use a sink outdoors. Every component is precisely designed and cut to ensure easy assembly on-site. Not only is it simple to assemble, but it also disassembles easily for compact transport, making it ideal for outdoor use.
3. The box that serves as a base houses both a wastewater tank and a fresh water tank (8.5L each). Fresh water is dispensed through an automatic pump, and wastewater is collected in the wastewater tank through the sink's drain.
4. The sink bowl, lid, and mesh tray are all made of stainless steel for durability. The sink's drain is a push-type mechanism, allowing you to store or release water as needed. The included mesh tray fits perfectly into the sink bowl, providing a convenient space for drying dishes or draining washed food.
5. Additionally, there's a height-adjustable round table, designed with a pole and a wooden tray, providing a convenient space to place or hang small utensils.

Product Specification
Components: Base Box, Sink Bowl, Sink Bowl Lid, Mesh Tray, Fresh Water Tank, Grey Water Tank, Rechargeable Auto Dispenser, Silicone Hose, Wooden Rack, Auxiliary Table Set (Tabletop + 4 Supports), Round Table Set (Tabletop + Pole).