With Molly Wide Modern Black 360° Automatic Dish Drying Rack 1 Tier 15(W)x11.6(D)x5.3(H)inch


About Product
1. This dish drying rack features a modern black color, allowing you to create a clean kitchen atmosphere.
2. With a tilted structure towards the central drainage outlet, water drainage is efficient.
3. The 360-degree rotating design of the drainage outlet provides flexibility in positioning the drying rack.
4. The included utensil holder can be attached and detached on all four sides of the drying rack, and it facilitates easy drying with water drainage holes on the bottom.
5. The entire wire structure is coated with PE, preventing rust, and both the main body and the water tray are designed not to touch the floor, reducing concerns about water stains and mold.

Product Specification
Size: 38.5(W)x29.5(D)x13.5(H)cm / 15(W)x11.6(D)x5.3(H)inch
Material: (body) Steel-PE coating (water tray & utensil holder) PP
Color: Black
Components: dish drying rack, water tray, utensil holder