With Molly Wine Soju Aerator Solo Drink Fully Automatic Breathing with stand gold 9.3x1.7inch 0.18lbs


About Product
1. Elevate your home party experience with a wine aerator and breather device, enhancing the hidden flavors and aromas within your beverages!
2. Try it not only with wine but also with soju, whiskey, sake, and more! Conveniently insert it directly into the bottle for easy use.
3. The fine bubbles generated from the small gas holes at the end of the device facilitate rapid absorption of abundant micro-oxygen, enriching the taste of your alcoholic beverages!
4. Crafted with food-grade ABS and silicone for hygiene and safety.
5. Powered by two AAA batteries, and easy to clean by simply rinsing with water. Manageability at its finest.

Product Specification
Size & Weight: 23.7x4.3cm 83.5g / 9.3x1.7inch 0.18lbs
Power: 3.2V, 300mA
Material: Silicone, ABS, Stainless Steel, PE
Color: White