With Molly WM23 Camping cooking utensils 10p + camping tableware 17P with exclusive bag


About Product
1. Everything for your camping kitchen! Introducing a full set of 17P stainless steel tableware and 10P cooking utensils.
2. The 17P tableware is made of hygienic and durable stainless steel, offering versatility with various uses and sizes! The tableware set also comes with a dedicated pouch.
3. With a matte non-gloss finish, it provides a clean and sophisticated impression. The delicate finish ensures smooth and safe use without sharp edges.
4. The 10P cooking utensils include a ladle, spatula, knife, scissors, ladle, tongs, cutting board, pot stand, and more. All 10 pieces can be stored in a single carrying pouch.
5. Especially for the knives, they feature double-sided sharpened non-stick coated blades, ensuring minimal corrosion and contamination, along with excellent durability!

Product Specification
Size: Please refer to the image at the top.
Material: (Tableware Set) Stainless Steel, (Cooking Utensils) Stainless Steel 304, Silicone, Plastic
Components: Tableware Set 17P, Cooking Utensils 10P