Yellow Plastering Shoes Paint Shoes Grass Shoes Spike Shoes One Size Fits All- Epoxy Automatic Horizontal Mortar Urethane Coating Waterproofing Construction Flooring Construction


About Product

  • Plastering shoes paint shoes grass shoes spike shoes One Size Fits All Epoxy automatic horizontal mortar urethane coating waterproofing construction flooring construction
  • One Size Fits all with 11.8" (29cm) Size,Feet are not tired with light weight and easy Wearing. Simply place your shoe on top and strap it on.
  • It is possible to avoid leaving footprints when installing waterproofing plaster. Densely nailed, it is convenient when working. These shoes are designed for work efficiency. You can adjust the height according to the work and wear it. 3cm/6cm adjustable

Product Specification

  • Components : 1 pair of shoes (29cm in length), an adjustable strap loop (length: 58~60cm to adjust and fix work shoes), Heel Fixtures
  • Size : 29x15.5x7.5cm/11.4x6.1x2.9in