Yeoju traditional Korean Stone Pot with Lid Clay Pot for Cooking Hot Pot variety of dishes Cookware black 8.7x7x4.5 inches


About Product
1. Introducing a cookware made from nature that embraces nature itself! Try cooking delicious and healthy rice with a traditional Korean stone pot. This is the Yeoju Stone Pot, born in Yeoju, Korea, where the best-tasting rice is grown!
2. These ceramic dishes are crafted from natural ingredients like clay, water, fire, and natural mineral glaze. They feature a soft and elegant curved design, with a harmonious blend of black and brown colors that melds modernity with tradition.
3. This ceramic is made through a bisque firing at 1000°C and a glaze firing at 1250°C, making it sturdy and highly durable. It can withstand thermal shock up to 350°C and freezing temperatures down to -20°C.
4. The double lids, including a small inner lid and a larger outer lid, increase pressure to produce shiny and tender rice. Additionally, it has excellent heat retention, preserving the flavor and aroma of the food for a long time.
5. Use it not only for rice but also for slow-cooked stews and steamed dishes. It will deliver a deeper flavor to your dishes.

Product Specification
Components: Stone pot, lid, double lid  
Material: Ceramic  
Size: 22x18x11.4 cm / 8.7x7x4.5 inches

1. Handle with care as this ceramic product can break if subjected to strong impact.
2. Do not heat the empty container for an extended period of time without food.
3. Safe for use on gas stoves, in microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers.
4. Do not place the heated container in cold water or the refrigerator suddenly.