Modori stainless steel Cookware Set of 7P with magic handle


About Product
1. We've created a new cookware by combining the durability and heat retention of stainless steel pans with the high heat conductivity and convenience of coated pans.
2. The set includes the most commonly used 18cm/7in diameter pot, 22cm/8.7in diameter pot, 24cm/9.5in diameter pan and 28cm/11in diameter pan, along with a detachable multi-handle for a practical combination.
3. Unlike other cookware with only a triple-layer bottom, our cookware features a triple-layer structure all the way up to the sides, ensuring fast and even cooking of food.
4. With premium coating from Germany's Greblon, your food won't stick, and the coating remains durable over time.
5. Convenient storage with detachable handles is a standard feature! You can fold both pieces of cookware into one for efficient space utilization.

Product Specification
Components: Pot(18cm/7in), Pot(22cm/8.7in), Pan(24cm/9.5in), Pan(28cm/11in), Multi Handle
Material: Stainless Steel
Compatible with heat sources: gas stove, induction, ceramic, and hotplate; not suitable for use with microwave and oven

1. When using the product for the first time, clean the interior coating surface with a soft sponge or dishcloth using neutral detergent and water.
2. For the external stainless steel surface, clean with an abrasive agent like cooking oil or baking soda before use.
3. Heating the product with no contents may reduce its lifespan and pose a fire hazard.
4. Exercise caution when using the product for cooking or moving hot pots and pans to avoid touching hot surfaces.
5. During cooking, make sure to detach the multi-handle.
6. While dishwasher safe, frequent use may weaken the coating, so use it appropriately.
7. Never use in a microwave or oven.