Stainless Steel washing up Bowl with Mixing Bowl For washing vegetables fruit and rice and for draining cooked pasta with perforated lid 10L


About Product
1. Introducing a clever kitchen item that combines a stainless steel perforated tray with a drain basket!
2. The drain basket and perforated tray are integrated into one. It's convenient for drying and storing dishes after washing, as well as for washing and thawing ingredients.
3. Moreover, it's made of high-quality stainless steel! It's resistant to discoloration and odors, ensuring hygiene and long-term use.
4. A perforated tray is a must-have item in the kitchen. After washing ingredients, you can leave them to drain, and its excellent ventilation is useful for naturally thawing frozen meat or seafood. Additionally, it can be used to cool freshly baked bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and more.
5. The capacity of the square drain basket is 10 liters.

Product Specification
Size: (tray) 35.5x26.5cm / 14x10.5inch
Material: Stainless Steel
Components: perforated tray, drain basket

1. All stainless steel products use abrasive for polishing. Before use, clean with neutral detergent until the abrasive is removed.
2. Be careful as the product may break with strong impact.
3. When cleaning with an iron scrubber, the surface may be damaged, so please clean with a soft scrubber or sponge.
4. Do not use for heating/cooking purposes.