With Molly Pavie Olesia 7-piece enamel induction cookware set Blue


About Product
1. Introduce a new vibe to your kitchen with this unique enamel cookware 7-piece set!
2. Enamel cookware refers to pots baked with enamel glass glaze on cast iron. Combining the robustness of cast iron with the non-reactive, non-stick, and odorless properties of glass! It offers the highest satisfaction with its glossy finish and stylish colors and designs!
3. All lids are designed in a dome shape. The dome-shaped design ensures that moisture is retained during the cooking process, preventing it from evaporating. It also helps concentrate heat around the pot, reducing cooking time.
4. From pots of commonly used sizes in the kitchen to square pots that can be used outdoors, and storage pots! It's a well-thought-out 7-piece set tailored for users.
5. Suitable for use on all heat sources except microwave, including induction, gas stove, ceramic heater, hot plate, and oven!

Product Specification
Material: Iron, Enamel Coating, Wood
Components: 22cm/8.7inch Big Pot, 24cm/9.5inch Double Handle Pot, 18cm/7inch Double Handle Pot, 16cm/6.3inch Single Handle Pot, Handle Square Pot, Enamel Storage Pot Large & Medium

1. Enamel should be cleaned with a soft sponge and neutral detergent.
2. Do not pour cold water suddenly while it's hot or heat it up without contents.
3. Never use in a microwave.
4. Oven use is permissible, but do not use the single handle pot with a wooden handle.