With Molly Induction cukin cookware set pan 2P+ pot 2P+ lid 1P white


About Product
1. Introducing a 5-piece set of frypans and pots suitable for all heat sources, including induction, gas stove, radiant, and halogen!
2. Crafted using a special forging method with a 4000-ton press for high-density, high-strength products. Increasing the thickness of the bottom and edges prevents twisting of the product and reduces the phenomenon of the bottom becoming convex.
3. Both the body of the pan and pot are made of high-purity aluminum material. Excellent thermal conductivity quickly cooks ingredients, reducing cooking time.
4. Equipped with built-in ceramic coating, it is scratch-resistant and enhances non-stick properties, making it easy to clean as food does not easily stick during cooking.
5. The handles, made of highly heat-resistant bakelite material, feature a lava coating for excellent grip and remain cool during cooking for added convenience.

Product Specification
Material: (Body) Aluminum, (Coating) Ceramic/Fluororesin, Heat-resistant glass, Bakelite
Components: single hand pan 18cm/7inch, double hand pan 24cm/9.5inch, frypan 28cm/11inch, wok 28cm/11inch, glass lid 28cm/11inch
Compatible Heat Sources: Gas stove, Radiant, Induction, Halogen

1. After unpacking the product, wash it with kitchen detergent and a soft sponge before use.
2. As the non-stick feature is sensitive to high temperatures, try to use it at medium heat or lower whenever possible.
3. Using a rough sponge may cause scratches on the surface.
4. Be cautious of heating the product for an extended period without any content, as it may cause discoloration and shorten the coating lifespan.