Gongan Removable handle Pot Cookware Set of 3P


About Product
From cooking to plating all at once , Use the storage space more generously with the detachable multi-handle
Excellent non-stick power for easy cooking and washing dishes ,Made from natural materials, safer to use
Non-absorbent cookware with no worries even with irritating ingredients
Can be used in a variety of heat sources, from induction to oven
A special gift set that makes both the giver and the receiver happy

Product Specification
Material: Body - Aluminum (ceramic coated) Lid - Reinforced glass, bakelide multi handle - Plastic
Size: pot 18 cm_180×86 (mm)/ 7x3.3in, Glass lid_193×34 (mm)/ 7.5x1.3inch, wok 22 cm_220×73 (mm)/ 8.6x2.8inch, Frying pan 26 cm_260×62 (mm)/ 10.2x2.4inch, Multi handle_40×185 (mm) / 1.5x7.2inch
Color: Medium White (medium white)