It likes Lamp Cook Automatic Rotary Muti cooker HS-0010 11.61x8.66(inch) Blue


About Product

  • All-round automatic cooking utensil made of whole-casting : A multi-cooker that turns automatically at the push of a button
  • Equipped with an automatic rotating rod : Rotates with one touch and turns over the material evenly, so it does not burn or stick.
  • Equipped with a rotating blade inside the pot : Automatically turns the ingredients together with the rotating rod for fast cooking without burning
  • Auxiliary cover installed : Food can be put in without opening the main cover, so moisture and juice are preserved during cooking, and food is not splashed or exposed for clean cooking.
  • Equipped with oil outlet : hygienic as oil and impurities are discharged, oil is drained and moisture is maintained, Insert a stainless steel heat conductor into the bottom of the pot outside - cooks on any heat source

Product Specification

  • Material : aluminum die-casting, thermosetting resin, nylon 66, ABS, stainless steel
  • Size : Round-295x220(mm) / 11.61x8.66(inch), Length including handle-430(mm)/ 16.92(inch)
  • Weight : 2.9 kg
  • Components : Main product + cleaning brush + cookbook + oil tray + silicone oil stopper 2 pieces (inserted into the auxiliary glass cover) + 1 piece silicone insert with rotating device