Neoflam Fika IH Induction Pan Pot Grill Cookware Set of 5P


About Product

It can be used in all heat sources such as gas and induction, and fast cooking is possible with high thermal conductivity. PFOA, PTFE, lead, and other hazardous substances tests have been completely passed and can be used safely. The extrema coating enhances the non-stick power, and the triple ceramic coating makes cooking and cleaning easy.
By applying the cauldron principle, the bottom and sides are thicker than conventional frying pans, making it possible to cook lumpy and cook enough even with low heat.
The handle connection method of the spot molding method makes the handle connection part smooth inside the frying pan so that foreign substances do not get caught during cooking, making it easy to clean.


Product Specification

  • IH floor used by various heat sources
  • Aluminum body with excellent thermal conductivity and thermal retention
  • Ceramic coating for exceptional nonstick frying pan
  • A design that can be done from cooking to plating at once

Material :

  • Body - Aluminum
  • Handle - Wood

Configuration and size & weight :

  • Fika Square Grill Pan : (1041g) 280x250x40(mm) / 11x9.8x1.5(inch)
  • Fika IH Induction Wok 26 cm : (880g) Diameter 260×height 76(mm) / 10.2x2.9 (inch)
  • Fika IH Frying Pan 24 cm : (765g) Diameter 240×Height 54(mm) / 9.4x2.1(inch)
  • Fika IH Double Handle Pot 22 cm : (1386g/2.57L) Diameter 220×Height 90 (mm) / 8.6x3.5 (inch)
  • Fika IH Single Handle Pot 18 cm : (1024g/1.6L) Diameter 180×Height 85(mm) / 7x3.3(inch)