OCOO 5L Smart COOKER Herbal Extractor All-in-one Cardron Boiling Water Fermenter for Steamed Dish ,Making Brewed Vinegar,Ginseng decoction Multi Cooking Machine, stainless steel 220V

About Product
  • Large-capacity herbal multicooker that cooks up to 5 liters at a time.
  • From herbal tea to various soups, soups, and steamed dishes at home, it is automatically cooked with one touch, so you can use it without fire.
  • 10 automatic cooking menus, Fast heating faster than direct fire.
  • Light pot without strain on the wrist, Safe use without worrying about gas fire, sus316 grade stainless steel, it can be cooked at a lower temperature.
Product Specification
  • Size : (main body) 320x260x45 mm / 12.5x10.2x1.7 inches, (pot) 260x260x160 mm / 10.2x10.2x6.2 inches
  • Product components : pot, body, burlap bag, user manual
  • Capacity : recommended 4L, max 5L
  • Material : SUS316
  • Although it is 220V, we will send you a transformer suitable for each country.