Square edge Square 11.8 Inch Handmade cypress tree Steamer Two Tier with stainless steel pot 11.8in


About Product
1. This is a 2-tier steamer made of cypress tree.
2. It allows you to enjoy various steamed dishes such as vegetables, meat, crab, and shellfish.
3. It is made using a traditional customized method from cypress tree, which are, on average, 70 years old, ensuring excellent durability.
4. It features a detachable magnetic handle for added convenience.
5. The stainless steel pot used for steaming is suitable for various heat sources such as gas stoves, induction cooktops, and radiant heat.

Product Specification
Components: cypress tree steamer 2pcs, stainless steel tray 2pcs, stainless steel pot 1pcs, cypress tree lid 1pcs, cypress tree magnetic handle 1set
Size: (Whole Body) 33x30x29.4cm/13x11.8x11.6inch (Wood Tray) 30x30x9cm/11.8x11.8x3.5inch (Stainless Steel pot) 33x30x8cm/13x11.8x3.2inch
Material: cypress tree, stainless steel